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Launching this conference is a commendable first step, and it promises to be a significant endeavour. The chosen topics are intriguing, setting it apart from the usual architectural conferences in the city. The distinctive format adds an element of freshness. Wishing the organisers all the best as they embark on this innovative journey; may it be a resounding success.

Ar. Abhishek Bij

I find the topics incredibly compelling, thought-provoking, and refreshingly unusual. While some might be uncomfortable, I appreciate the conversations they spark. Anticipating the event with enthusiasm, I hold high hopes for the future generation given such a platform. It's truly great to see discussions that challenge norms and inspire meaningful dialogue.

Ar. Amrita Dasgupta

The initiative, especially post-pandemic, is truly commendable. It provides a valuable opportunity for networking within the fraternity, connecting architects and designers. The platform facilitates the exchange of ideas, discussions on upcoming projects, exploration of new materials, and insights into how peers are integrating artificial intelligence in the realms of architecture and design.

Ar. Ashish Vaishnava

It's a humbling opportunity to present on a topic where many others in the fraternity excel. Engaging with fellow architects and designers, learning from their insights, and exchanging ideas has been a valuable and enriching experience for me.

Ar. Harish Jain

Smartex serves as a crucial platform to raise awareness about the technologies that are pertinent to the present and future world. The need for information on smart designs and architecture is substantial, and Smartex is effectively fulfilling this role by providing valuable insights and guidance in the right direction.

Ar. Priyank P Mehra

The event was an enriching experience with captivating talks and engaging panel discussions. The curated content was exceptional, delving into topics not widely discussed within our fraternity, particularly in India. The event's focus on smart design and technology is crucial and adds a valuable dimension to the discourse, making it an interesting and relevant experience for all participants.

Ar. Sushant Verma

Having known the organisers for a while, witnessing their growth, I must express my amazement at the exceptional two-day event they orchestrated. The caliber of architects they brought to the forum and the chosen topics, such as parametricism and AI, have been truly enlightening for me. I am leaving with a wealth of knowledge, and overall, I am delighted with the experience.

Ar. Shweta Kaw

Being amidst the fraternity and friends provides a valuable space for discussing and exchanging new ideas. The participation of vendors is crucial, as it enables us to stay updated on the latest products and technologies. While architects are essentially space planners, the vocabulary and insights gained from vendors are indispensable. They empower us to execute our work effectively and innovate in the field.

Ar. Vivek Gupta

This forum has successfully united three pivotal elements – customers, designers, and manufacturers – on a single platform. In essence, it serves as a valuable space for studying the behavior and psyche of the industry, consumers, and designers. It acts as a nexus where the cycle concludes, fostering mutual understanding for the betterment of tomorrow's architecture.

Prof. Charanjit S Shah

This conference was not only timely but also highly relevant. I was particularly impressed by how manufacturers addressed topics like minimal energy, sustainability, and minimising carbon and space footprint. These discussions send the right signals, especially to the younger generations. If the media is consistently advocating responsibility and sustainability, then the need for more events like Smartex becomes apparent.

Prof. Manoj Mathur

It's heartening to witness the diverse range of issues explored over the engaging two days. I extend my best wishes for the future, and I anticipate seeing this platform evolve into a space dedicated to discussions on smart architectural solutions and designs.

Ar. Shruti Dimri