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Welcome to Smartex, the premier architectural event that celebrates brilliance in architecture and design through prestigious awards. Whether you're an architect, designer, consultant, realtors, contractors or enthusiast, this FAQ page aims to provide you with essential information about Smartex.

Q1: What is Smartex?

A1: Smartex is an annual architectural event that congregates smart minds & products to address the challenges in architectural practice. It also recognises and celebrates outstanding achievements in architecture and design. It serves as a platform for architects, designers, and industry professionals to showcase their innovative ideas, projects, and contributions to the field.

Q2: When and where does Smartex take place?

A2: The event is held annually in the national capital, New Delhi. Check our official website or event announcements for the most up-to-date information on dates and venues.

Q3: How can I participate in Smartex?

A3: Architects, designers, consultants, and realtors can participate by submitting their projects through our online submission portal. Details on submission guidelines and deadlines are available on our website.

Q4: What awards are presented at Smartex?

A4: Smartex presents awards in various categories, including but not limited to Innovative Sustainable Architecture, Urban Planning Excellence, and Emerging Architect of the Year. The awards aim to recognise excellence and innovation in architecture and design.

Q5: How are the winners selected?

A5: An esteemed panel of judges comprising industry experts, renowned architects, and design professionals carefully evaluates each submission based on criteria such as creativity, functionality, sustainability, and innovation.

Q6: How can I attend Smartex?

A6: Attendees can register for Smartex through our official website. Early registration is recommended as space may be limited.

Q7: Is there a fee to attend Smartex?

A7: Mostly it is invite based. But yes, there might be a registration fee for attendees. Check the registration section on our website for details and pricing.

Q8: Are there any special events or workshops during Smartex?

A8: Yes, Smartex often features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and projects showcase by both industry leaders and emerging professionals in the field. Details on special events will be available in the event program.

Q9: Can I exhibit my products or services at Smartex?

A9: Yes, there are opportunities for exhibitors to showcase products and services. Contact our team for sponsorship and exhibition details.

Q10: Is there accommodation available for attendees traveling from outside the event location?

A10: Information on recommended hotels and accommodations will be provided on our website. We may also partner with local hotels to offer special rates for Smartex attendees.

For any further inquiries or specific questions, feel free to contact our Smartex support team through the contact details provided on our website.

We look forward to your participation in Smartex, where we celebrate the brilliance of architecture and design!